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Can virtual reality and the smart watch help children with special needs to travel independently?

When it comes to travelling to school and work, the special needs parent has much to worry about: Will my child get lost? Will they know what to do if they get into an accident? Who can help if they ...

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Little Anecdotes of My Life

Shirin Kwek
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  • Shopping with the Communication Device

    Every year, towards the end of the year in December, I will go clothes shopping with my friend. Not because of the heavily discounted prices with signs of "Sales" everywhere you go, it gives me a reas...

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  • I Am the One with the Voice but I Have No Voice

    This is something about disability etiquette. Many a times, when we see a person with a disability, we do not know how to approach or engage them. If that person is being accompanied by a normally-abl...

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